Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mama Bear

I am a very nice person, generally. When you mess with my kids however, not so much. First, we love our school and his teacher is really great. The assistant principal has been a real big help and is very kind. Nate has what is called a 504 in school. Basically it was set up to protect the civil rights of someone with a disability which impairs their learning. Nate has several issues which affect the way he learns information. He has a normal IQ and can learn what anyone else can just in a different way. The last "modification" that we need to add for the year has been in a test phase. We have not added it YET. This allows the teacher to not legally have to do this modification. In this case it was using the microphone for him to be able to distinguish between her and the other noise in the classroom. He has issues with competing noises. The teacher does not think it is working and it "really bothers 2 other children in the classroom." I am advocating for MY SON. If other children have issues then their parents need to be there advocating for them. He has a legal right to that modification and those children have a legal right to not having it bother them. But, not my problem. Work it out. I am so frustrated lately with the "system"-My sweet boy is smart. It is not as easily seen as some children because of the way he processes but he is smart. Every single day he goes into a classroom and struggles to produce the information that he knows. He knows it. He just can't always produce it the way the teacher expects. It's called a NEUROLOGICAL deficit. Im sorry that he looks at you like you have 2 heads because he is trying to process what you just told him in a hurry. Im sorry that he can't produce your math facts in 10 seconds. This is only the beginning, this I know. It takes everything I have not to pull him out and school him at home. But, we will persevere. He will overcome.

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