Thursday, April 18, 2013


So, many of you know that we have been a homeschooling family. We did it off and on while we lived in Paris and then full time when we moved to Denton. I am not your typical homeschooling mom. I am fresh out of patience when I wake up in the morning and don't have that "teacher" quality. But, I loved to be with my kids and they had a desire to learn. Those two things combined make for a successful experience.

I have been a stay at home mom for 10 years. We have been perfectly fine living on what Don has made until the past several years. Take into consideration the economy, pay cuts, etc. Sprinkle on top a few kids who have way more to do now and more financial needs and add a side of child with special health needs and you have officially bitten off more than you can chew. (or pay for)
So, we decided that I would go back to school. I will graduate with a good amount of student loan debt but at least I am learning and will be earning! I am very proud of the kids during this whole season of change. Everyone has adjusted beautifully. 

The kids are doing exceptionally well in school.
Sarah is in 8th grade, which I really struggled with- should we put her into public school in 8th grade?? But she has done SO well. She is in mostly accelerated classes-everything but math. In 8th grade math she has a 100 average! I wasn't sure that was even possible! I sure never did it. She has had a consistent report card all year of A's and 2 high B's. I am proud of her! She has been learning at home since 4th grade!

**She is trying to tame her sassy attitude, loves her brothers even thought she doesnt always show it. Hardly eats, loves One Direction and is starting to learn to drive!

Jack is in 4th grade and doing wonderful! He was a little behind in math also. What can I say? Most homeschoolers that I know struggle with math!
I believe that God had His hand in who their teachers were to be. Jacks math teacher happens to have the highest test scores IN THE DISTRICT!
He did poorly the first 6 weeks, improved the 2nd and has had high B's each 6 weeks since. His reading level is high and his homeroom teacher describes him as having a strong work ethic and a boy that will evolve into a man who will change the world. What more does a mom want to hear than that??!!

**Loves WWE, FOOD (any and all-and LOTS), has a
servants heart, loves weapons. He has a bow, several air soft guns, knives and a sling shot. I am anxious to see what he does with his life.

Nate is in 1st grade and loves school. The new has worn off but he still gets up every day ready to go. His teacher is really sweet and she is a trooper. Nate has some learning differences but he does very well despite those. I know this is due to his amazing attitude and the patience of his teachers. He is on the 10 point board for AR and is on the reading level that they want him on so he is on level with reading. Again, the math is a small struggle but he is getting it.

**He has finally lost his top 2 teeth and has the CUTEST little sound now. I will be sad when it goes away! He loves to play and use his imagination. He can play for hours and you won't see him. He loves to sing and does so well. He loves church and recently accepted Jesus as his savior! He likes to eat but is a picky eater. He has not had a seizure since Oct. 31!

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